Dealing with Client Complaints Effectively

Client ComplaintsHandling client grievances is a regular feature of your commercial responsibilities. As much as you might resent it, there are some obvious advantages of handling client complaints as well. The grievances of clients regarding your products and services help you identify your flaws which you hadn’t been able to do on your own. Your challenge as a Customer Relations executive is to ensure that you are dealing with the criticism in such a way that the customer ends up thinking that you operate as a great company. Your ability to deal effectively with customer complaints will help you convert dissatisfied clients to active endorsers of your offerings. This stands true for most of the businesses out there. It does not matter whether you are dealing into houses for rent in Vijayawada or SEO services in London. Go through these tips to handle client complaints in an effective fashion.

How can you deal with customer grievances in an effective fashion?
In the course of your customer interactions you might as well come across various types of clients—some a bit difficult to handle, and others, plain gentle people telling you how to do your job better with the best of intentions. The key is to take most of the genuine complaints in your stride and assure them that you’re resolute to address their concerns in the best possible fashion. Here are tips which might as well help you in this regard:

Listen to the customer patiently
Do not jump off to conclusions even when you know that the person on the other end of the telephone is wrong. We are driven by our natural instincts to correct people whenever we are sure that they are blatantly wrong. However, in these cases, you should let the customer finish what he has to say. Resorting to a defensive mode immediately will not really help you here. Don’t start challenging the customer even before letting him finish. If you find that the customer has been facing problems due to his own fault, tell him about it only after he finishes what he has to say.

Watch your tone
Your tone might as well go on to make all the difference. You might as well say the same thing to your customer in a disgruntled fashion or in a concerned manner. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and think how you would end up feeling if your concerns had been met with disinterest or defense. If you are angry with the way the customer is behaving with you, then try to keep your emotions aside while conversing. Challenging your client’s behavior will not really help you diffuse him or her.

Start off the conversation by apologizing
It is not something that many people would actually do. However, a simple “sorry” has the potential of diffusing unthinkably grave situations a well. Once your customer conveys the entire problem to you, you can start off by saying “Sir/Mam we apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for taking out your time to get in touch with us regarding this….”

Try to “feel” the problem instead of just “listening” to it
This might sound a little incongruous considering the innumerable client calls you’re handling every day. However, if you’re able to come with several solutions to a particular problem instead of one, you emerge as a partner of your client when it comes to troubleshooting. There aren’t many who are doing it. So, there is a definitely the competitive edge to be enjoyed if you are able to do this.

Best of luck! Hope the aforementioned tips prove effective for you!

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