Watch Out: Dangers of Illegal Gas Fitters in Commercial Premises

Do you own a business in London and need to get a gas cooker fixed, or gas pipes checked? If so, you may be one of the many London business owners who rely on the recommendation from a friend, or an ad in the Yellow Pages, without checking whether the person is actually qualified and registered to work on gas installations in the workplace. It is very important to use a qualified engineer. You can encounter many problems, safety and otherwise, when you choose an unqualified engineer for your London gas needs.

Faulty Gas Work Can Be Deadly

If appliances are poorly fitted, maintenance checks rushed or carried out by an inexperienced inspector, or pipes are badly maintained without the proper checks, it can result in gas leaks, fires, or carbon monoxide poisoning. When you own a London business you are not only putting yourself at risk but your customers and your employees too. Commercial gas services London use qualified gas engineers to reduce the risk of fatalities and injuries occurring following gas fittings or gas maintenance inspections.

Poor Quality Gas Work Can Be Expensive

Plus, you will probably have to pay a lot more than you initially expected in order to correct the faults made by an unqualified gas engineer. You may think you are getting a bargain by using a cheap engineer but you will encounter problems further down the line that will be more expensive to fix.

Always Use a Gas Safe Engineer

It is against the law for anyone to work on gas pipes and appliances in the home or the workplace in London, as well as across the UK, if they are not Gas Safe registered. A commercial gas engineer London should display his or her Gas Safe badge and certificate whenever they turn up to work on appliances, and you should always ask for this if it is not immediately offered. Any qualified and professional engineer will be able to display their ID card that shows they are qualified to work on gas appliances.

Check Engineer Suitability

In addition, the type of gas work you need completed will require additional levels of qualification. Not all engineers are qualified to complete repairs or checks on all different types of appliance. Look at the back of the Gas Safe ID card to see if your engineer can work on a gas fire, or a mobile catering unit, or a boiler. Check to make sure. Larger companies of engineers will have different people working on different types of commercial gas checks and fittings.

What to Do

If you suspect that an engineer is not registered Gas Safe, call Gas Safe to check or to report that an engineer is offering illegal services. It is also illegal for a Gas Safe registered engineer to do private work outside of their company, outside of company time. If you have concerns, contact the Gas Safe organisation to make sure.

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