Instructions To Record Skype Calls On Mac

Record Skype CallsSkype is a software that has all the best features required for chatting and making video calls. However it misses out on one important and essential thing that is a recording tool that will let you record calls and save them. You need another software such as the Movavi Screen Capture that helps you do the same. Here is a guide that will help you record and save the Skype videos in a format that works best for you.


  • Download and install Movavi Screen Capture and Skype recorder for Mac. Run the program once the installation process is complete. You now need to check if the speaker and microphone icons both are marked in green check marks or not to ensure that the sound will be recorded from the input and output audio devices. You can also choose a device from which the recording will take place from the menu of input devices that are available.


  • To record your call on Skype you need to ensure that the device used for sound is same for the system hat you use and also for Skype. On your Mac there is a menu which leads to system preferences and then sound. The window will show you the input and output devices that are being used and then open Skype and select the same as system option for audio and video tab.


  • After your call has been made and received on the other end you can adjust the frame or the capture are that will be recorded. There will be REC button on the screen by clicking on the same you can start the recording. If at any time you want to pause or stop or need to manage the video capture you can use the buttons in the control panel for the call recorder.


  • Once the recording is complete you can watch it to see if there are any unwanted parts or fragments. If there is you can trim them by marking the portions that you wish to eliminate.


  • Next as a final step you must click the save as option and choose the appropriate format from the list available. If you want to save it for the some portable device you can select a format for the same from the list of more presets for formats section. And finally all you have to do is save and then the video is ready to be watched in absolutely no time.

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