How Much Your Mobile App Costs

imagesWhen referring to costs of a software product, ‘vague’ is the perfect word to apply here. No one can tell how much money your venture will take. But you, whether you are launching a start-up, or a cost-efficient app for introducing your business, an enterprise item, or you need software for any other business objective – you need to plan your budget. You want to know how much your mobile app or website will cost. Nobody will tell you that exactly – but here we’ll try to come as close as possible.

If you are inspired by the concept but have no experience in recruiting people to do software tasks, this question will be especially serious, because you need to search for financing, you need to set up deadlines, you need to know how much you need for development, how much you will have for marketing, and how ROI will be gradually introduced. You need to know when your product will be prepared to release at the perfect time. You need to expect something.

How Long Will Your Project Take?

Now as you are able to think about the hourly pricing, you need to know how much time of work are needed to lead your venture from a simple concept to implementation of a ready product. It’s all about the complexity of your product: its performance, needed resources, customized vs. conventional alternatives, presence/absence of back end, etc.

#1. The simplest apps with simple design, primary tools, containing up to 10 kinds of data (name, ID, email, opinion, picture, sound etc.), lowest input forms, up to 15-20 screens, a couple of choices, and minimal up-dates from after sales (such as upgrading quotations from an exterior source for a quote book app) – roughly 200 hours (double it in case back end is required).

#2. More complicated apps with about 40 screens, up to 20 kinds of data, connections with public networking sites, basic CRUD (create/read/update/delete) functions, one user type, creation of account and minimal public features – roughly 300-450 hours (plus 300-400 hours for back end).

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