Four Crucial Questions You Should Ask Prior to Outsourcing Payroll

If you have decided that outsourcing your payroll duties to an agency is the ideal solution for your company – how do you go about finding a reputable payroll service provider? As with all of your other company decisions you should use an organised and methodical approach so that you will find the right outsourced payroll professionals to work with you. Asking the following four questions will put you on the right path to finding the payroll experts who can deliver a quality service for your company.

What do they offer?

Payroll companies offer a plethora of services from which you can choose. Ask the company for a summary of their services along with a concise pricing sheet that details exactly what is included in each service. Many outsourced payroll specialists provide free quotes but it’s more important to ask for the details that accompany the services they provide. Have them explain the pricing and services to you before you make a final decision about the company that you want to use.

Can you get references from them?

The experts at suggest that you obtain references from any payroll outsourcing team so that you can check their work. Check any references provided to see how accurate the payroll service was, if it was delivered in a timely fashion, and what happened if errors were made in either employee pay or tax information. The emphasis should not be on the error that they made but instead the speed with which they corrected any mistakes. Having exceptional customer care is very important in working with outsourced payroll. If your employees have questions, it’s imperative that you deliver the answers to them as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Do they understand your business niche?

In order to deliver payslips and deal with other payroll issues properly, the payroll professionals must understand the operating systems that you use and the manner in which you do business. Make sure that you are clear on data-transfer protocols and procedures that will be in place. It’s also important to know that the outsourced payroll service will be trouble-free. Make sure any service provider you hire can work comfortably in your industry and with the type of company that you run. They should be able to tailor their services to meet your needs precisely.

How many other companies do they service?

Outsourcing your payroll might be difficult for you to do if you have always done this task yourself. You may feel more confident interviewing a payroll service provider that has a large number of clients that they successfully service, or alternatively, a payroll service provider which can provide a more personalised approach if that is more important for you.

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