Do You Want to Make Your Banner Stand Out? Some Top Tips You should Always Keep in Mind

When it comes to advertising or promoting a company, product, or service, banners are a time-tested way of getting your message across. Economical and highly efficient compared to other marketing tools, the banner still tops the list and is actually underrated by many. However, it’s important that your banner is well-designed and stands out. It needs to be eye-catching and spur the interest of the crowd. Accomplishing this is often easier said than done. Even professional designers often make basic mistakes. However, it’s not that hard. Do you want to make your banner stand out? Here are some tips you should always keep in mind.

The catch phrase

Whether it’s a slogan or logo, make it short and catchy – something that sticks in the brain and that people will enjoy. The catch phrase should also be short so people can read it quickly and remember it easily.

The right height is important

People tend to notice something that is positioned at eye level quickly; the bottom of the banner is often ignored so don’t put the most important information there. Remember that people read from left to right and top to bottom.

Less is more

When designing a banner, understand that the message should be short – you’re not writing a pamphlet that people can peruse at their leisure. Too many letters or graphics are confusing and when it comes to banners, clarity is king.

The message must stand out

You should have one message – and one message only. Don’t try to say three things at once. Think about what your message is; think about it carefully. Other information can be given via other promotional materials, such as flyers.

Be professional

Your printing should be of high quality. An unclear or blurry print makes you look unprofessional. When using pictures or graphics, always use high resolution ones.

Colour is tricky

Colour is tricky. Stick with only a few colours, and make sure they either contrast each other (for text and background) or complement each other (for design).

Anyone who has ever participated in trade shows, exhibitions, or fairs knows how important banners – be they roller banners, pop up banners, or other types of banners – can be – they’re an invaluable tool to draw crowds and allow that sales pitch to be thrown. The most important thing to remember when designing a banner is to imagine that you are part of the target group, that you are part of the pool of potential customers. Do you understand what the business is all about just by quickly glancing at the banner? Do you get interested after a three-second look? If the answer is yes, you’re in business. Make sure your banner speaks to the imagination and sticks in people’s minds.

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