Are you using these effective small business tools to maximize business potential?

business concept with construction tool showing success

business concept with construction tool showing success

The moment you think of initiating your own business, you simultaneously start thinking about the roadblocks on your way to success. Come to think about the impediments on your way— budget, limited manpower, and entrepreneurial inexperience. On the other hand, there are a few tools which, if utilized properly, have the power to maximize business potential. If you’re a small business owner and are not utilizing some of these tools then you’re surely missing out on a lot! So, make sure, you’re exploring these tools with us and securing its benefits. Read on.

Google Analytics
What can we say? Google knows how to make life easier for you! It is very important for businesses to find out about the kind of traffic generated by your business. However, only tracking the amount of traffic will not really help. You have to ensure that you are procuring proper knowledge about the source of that traffic. Where is the majority of that traffic coming from? What are the dominant demographics? For instance, if you are a company dealing in to Real Estate Kolkata then you would naturally want users from Kolkata, India to visit your website the most.

Google Analytics promises all these statistics and much more— the countries where your site has been viewed the most, the differences in percentage as far as the traffic drivers are concerned. All the figures are broken in days, weeks and months! The information is provided in easily comprehensible graphs and charts.

LuckyCal, a free web tool makes it incredibly easy for you to get in touch with business contacts and friends. This particular platform combines your professional and personal calendar with that of the people in your network—as long as they permit this tool to do the same. The most notable benefit is that LuckyCal scans the Outlook calendars of your clients and e-mails you about their presence in your area!

DropBox is perhaps one of the best known muti-taskers on the internet. It adds immense functionality to your business just by enabling you to save all your files, video clips, images, personalized folders and documents in the DropBox account. This particular account can be accessed from all the internet connected devices. You can share files no matter how large they are. The primary function of this tool is to streamline business functionalities in a major way.

There is no denying the fact that there are serious chances of your business not being taken seriously provided you are not there on LinkedIn. Almost everyone who has a business out there is on this Social Networking platform. The question is—can business deals be cracked here?” The answer is definitely in an affirmative. The potential of the platform has still not been fully realized. There is still a serious need to break the staidness which rules the platform by and large. However, even with its present functionalities it has some real power in driving your business name.

Wix makes for a perfect resource for blog or website creation. It is an easy-to-use platform which can be explored by less tech savvy individuals as well. The platform comes with a wide array of benefits including the ability to swap older versions of templates with new ones, customize your site and more.

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