5 Questions to Ask Your Sustainable Waste Contractor

Every business needs to carefully consider their waste disposal measures and solutions. Most small businesses will generate some amount of waste and depending on the industry, it can be considerable. It makes sense to choose a waste disposal firm that helps you meet your goals and is also committed to sustainable waste management. If you are finding it a struggle deciding which waste firm to choose, think about asking these key questions of your waste management provider.

  1. Registration and Reputation

Ask the waste management collection company about their credentials. For example, do they have the correct license? Are they registered to carry the type of waste your business generates? Also ask how long they have been in business and what experience they have in sustainable waste management.

  1. Types of Waste

Ask the waste company what types of waste they will handle. It is helpful to discuss what you need, and whether their services fit these needs. And you also need to ask about a recycling program – what items can be recycled? Which bins will be provide for recyclable and non-recyclable waste? Are there charges if a non-recyclable bin is contaminated or vice versa?

  1. Collection Frequency and Times

Ask a waste management contractor like swrjustbins.co.uk about the frequency with which the bins will be emptied. How large are the bins and will this suit the amount of waste you expect to generate? Would it be more cost effective to have smaller bins emptied more frequently? Or more environmentally friendly to have larger bins emptied less frequently? When does the collection take place and is this convenient for your business? Will you need to put out the bins yourself or will the contractor deal with locating them from a special area?

  1. Types and Amounts of Containers

Check that all containers provided will be able to safely handle the waste generated. Ask what types of containers will be provided and how large they are – will they fit conveniently on your premises? How will they affect the overall environment of your business and its surroundings?

  1. Contract and Charges

Check what type of contract you will sign when you choose the waste management service. Be clear about any additional costs you may incur as the service is provided, and check what is included within the service. Is anything included free of charge, for example a waste audit? Does the company offer any incentives to reuse or recycle? What kind of customer service can you expect – is there a phone line you can call if you experience any waste management problems? Are employees knowledgeable and friendly? All this goes a long way to ensuring you get a great service for your sustainable waste management needs.

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