Storage Is a Specialist Service

StorageIf you are considering archiving old documentation and find you are short of space then it is not worth renting larger premises simply to do that. There is a specialist service sector that can provide everything you might need. There have always been storage companies that have rented out space. Some with old warehouses handle bulk raw materials that have been imported and are en route for use in industrial production. At the other end there are specialists that have multiple clients each of whom need private storage facilities for valuables but need to be certain that no one else has access to what is theirs.

Built for the job
You should look for premises that have been specifically planned for such a purpose. Just because a company owns some empty buildings it does not mean that it is suitable for storage use by businesses that want secure space.

What should you look for in a service provider so that you are certain you have found the right place?

  • 24 hour CCTV will monitor any movement round the building and more specifically in the area where your property is being stored
  • External security should include an up to date alarm system as well as CCTV. Modern day locks do provide an excellent barrier to intruders but you can rightly expect a sophisticated electronic access system as well.
  • Internally, you should expect a fire alarm.
  • A secure space to meet your requirements and a means of boxing and stacking those boxes tidily.
  • No access to unauthorised personnel.

If you are archiving documents, you may never need to access them again. However, you will want to know that you can go straight to a file if you need it. It means that you want to know that everything can be properly indexed as it comes in and therefore available immediately upon request.

Companies like self storage Molesey, located close to the commercial centre of the UK, are able to satisfy the demand for businesses that recognise the high cost of office space and the need to think long and hard before renting more simply because of the need for storage.

Every business has insurance to cover all its activities. You may not have cover for property of yours that is going to be held off site. While your existing insurer may come up with something that you like it is worth talking to any company that you are looking at for storing your property. Insurers that are already familiar with the safeguards that have been put in place to keep property secure may well produce the most competitive quotes.

It is likely that a good service company will be able to offer that insurance there and then when your goods arrive for storage. You want something that is flexible so that you are covered at every stage. It should be all part of a good specialist service.

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