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Be on the Ball & Claim before it’s too late…

If the latest rumours from the financial sector are anything to go by, then it appears you will only have a limited time to claim back on any outstanding PPI claims. PPI claims always have a limited time.

Many news outlets claim that the Financial Conduct Authority are potentially looking at imposing a claim by date for PPI refunds. This comes after continued pressure from the British Banking Association.

However, a claim by date will affect those who have not yet claimed, and believe they are not entitled to anything. Whilst the scandal has been public news for years, many have been rejected by the banks, when rightfully they shouldn’t have been. It’s certainly worth checking out what you’re potentially owed, as it’s relatively hassle free nowadays.

The scandal has been running since the mid-1990’s, however it only gained wide attention in the late 2000’s, when banks began having to shell out billions to those who were mis-sold. It’s thought that introducing an end date will encourage those few who haven’t yet claimed to do so. The claim is the most important thing in this case. You have to get your right by claiming. Do not give up to all the bad financial conditions.

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